Episode 44: The Gratitude Slam Dunk with Andy Duwe

As the sales and training manager of Allyoop (a sales agency that creates revenue growth through lead generation and sales team development), Andy Duwe leads the way as part of a leading sales agency in the industry. The twists and turns that have led Duwe to where he is have deeply impacted the way he trains employees. Duwe knows sales development can be expensive and risky for newer startups and companies; that’s why Allyoop is there to do it for you. Allyoop, like its namesake on the court, serves its customers to slam dunk their revenue goals. From rap to rehab to beekeeping and sales training, Andy Duwe and Jon discuss how this off-court magic happens. 



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For a deeper dive into Andy’s journey and the challenges he’s faced along the way, watch this employee spotlight from Alleyoop featuring Andy: https://youtu.be/aX5Dc-YDe8M