Episode 134: Business Brewed Right with Switchback’s Bill and Craig

This week, Jon sits down with Will Raap. Will is a pioneer in sustainable, regenerative farming in Vermont and the entrepreneur who founded Gardener’s Supply Company, spearheaded the start of the Intervale Center and, most recently, is transforming the Nordic Farm in Charlotte into Earthkeep Farmcommon.
In this week’s episode, we discuss Will’s entrepreneurial journey as well as his latest innovation in agriculture, Earthkeep Farmcommon — a regenerative agricultural ecosystem that is organic, carbon-negative, sustainable and educational. 
You can learn more about Will and his work at https://earthkeep.farm
Switchback Brewing Co Bill Cherry Craig Wilkinson

I guess I’ve always had a sense of wanting to involve everybody into the brewery from the very beginning. I was kind of well-known in the early days, when I was out on the floor working right next to everybody and if anyone asked, “why are we doing this?” they learned to maybe not ask those kinds of questions because they’d get about a half hour a conversation with me explaining that particular ingredient or that particular temperature on the mash profile for the beer.”

What makes Switchback Brewing Co special? From the classic Ale to the Karsten Lager, Citra-Pils and the IPA, and now their first Double IPA and Smoked Beers, it’s not just the hops, it’s the process, and more importantly, the people.

This week Jon sits down with Bill Cherry and Craig Wilkinson, the president and production manager of Switchback, to talk about the Flynn Ave-based brewer’s 100% employee ownership setup, running for five years now, via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Listen to learn how a passion for beer and a passion for people has guided this local business through it’s nearly 20-year history.

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