#147: Community Strong with Vermont Womenpreneurs

Vermont Womenpreneurs

This week we are excited to have Mieko Ozeki and Bethany Andrews-Nichols, the co-founders of Vermont Womenprenuers, an organization driving the mission of helping women entrepreneurs build their businesses in the Green Mountain State.

In addition to helping other women start up their businesses, the duo are small business owners of their own.

Mieko owns and runs Radiance Studios, a website, digital marketing, and event production business. Bethany is the owner of Beenanza graphic design, and licenses her pattern work internationally.

The organization was hatched when Mieko began holding monthly networking meetings, and met Bethany who suggested creating a showcase of the products and services of women-owned businesses in Vermont.

Womenpreneurs has held in-person and virtual summits since 2018 and helps collaborate with women to build better businesses.

Don’t miss the upcoming Vermont Womenpreneurs Summit, “Navigating the Unexpected” — a 4-evening virtual event focused on navigating change in uncertain times.  The summit runs November 1-4, 6:30-8:00pm nightly.  Get your ticket at https://vtwomenpreneurssummit.com

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VT Womenpreneurs