Episode 36: Becoming a Passion Powerhouse with Joe Apfelbaum

Joe Apfelbaum is a passion powerhouse. One of the first guests of Learning Life, Joe returns to remind listeners about the importance of consistent and passionate content. By beginning with daily posts about his weight loss, Apfelbaum began catering an authentic and regular online presence. Now a professional speaker, Apfelbaum guides professionals to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential and how to weave its power into your business strategy.


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Check out his personal website: JoeApfelbaum.com

Ajax Union and the Blueprint. Click here to get it.

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Read his book, High Energy Secrets. Get it on Amazon here.

Listen to Joe’s podcast, The Breakthrough Maze, on Apple Podcasts. Click here to listen.

Join Joe’s Masterclass here or join his Social Sellin’ class here.



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