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Learning Life with Jon Tota

Each week Learning Life strives to teach you something new, deliver interesting stories and share best practices to take your learning to the next level.

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Latest Episodes

Nicole Mixdorf

Humans aren’t designed for prolonged periods of stress. Our bodies have manifest this stress into various ailments and discomforts.

Nicole Mixdorf is the founder and chief wellness office of Balance by Nature, an award-winning corporate health and wellness consulting firm. Previously a high-level executive, Nicole experienced first-hand the challenges of balancing a professional career with personal wellness. She launched Balance By Nature to help companies design wellness programs to support their employees. Balance by Nature has won numerous industry awards and has been recognized as a top 10 employee wellness company in the US for the past two years! Nicole was also named the most influential woman in corporate wellness services in the US in 2020.

Lewis Schiff

The most successful people in America didn’t necessarily go to the best school, but they certainly worked the hardest and gave everything to be where they are. These are the entrepreneurs.

Lewis Schiff helps entrepreneurs go from moonshot takers to moneymakers. He’s developed several programs, workshops, and workbooks to guide entrepreneurs to true wealth and long-term success. He shares his advice on becoming successful, his love of entrepreneurs, and tells us what the top trait for success is.

Rene Gadelha

Rene Gadelha is the Chancellor of VictoryXR Academy, providing fully immersive virtual reality education. XR is a combination of both Virtual and Augmented reality, making a fully encompassing experience for learning in a virtual space.

Seeking something better than the boxed-in setting of a Zoom classroom, Rene and VictoryXR are working on creating “Digital Twin” campuses for schools and universities and even fully immersive VR field trips.

Angela Yeh

Have you grown out of your job? Angela Yeh specializes in strategic career placements and evolutions, both for companies filling a role and for individuals looking to change their career trajectory.

Angela is on both sides of the fence in the creative industry, helping companies understand how to identify and attract the right talent to grow their business and culture, but also coaching individuals on how to take their careers to the next level and evolve both personally and professionally.

Chris Yonker

Chris Yonker is a recovering high achiever. After years in sales for 3M, Yonker was left unfulfilled. There had to be more to life than a job. Now he and his team work with high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes to expand their consciousness and capacity for fulfillment. 

Chris Yonker is a vision alchemist, NLP practitioner, author of Soul Intention, and speaker.

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