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Featured Episode

Learning Life with Jon Tota

Each week Learning Life strives to teach you something new, deliver interesting stories and share best practices to take your learning to the next level.

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Learning Life is now proud to offer business education content, including an exclusive eLearning course on Enterprise Selling, an exclusive handbook, a white paper on Webinar best practices, and slide decks teaching you business skill sets!

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Latest Episodes

Tom Frank

Tom Frank is a lifelong culture engineer who works to help local and national companies create a better world for their employees – all by asking employees what they want!

Previously Frank co-founded the popular restaurant chain PF Chang’s as part of the original development team and helped develop the foundation to grow into a global chain. In his most recent project, Frank created the I’m Essential project as a response to the COVID 19 pandemic and the impact it’s had on all of our small businesses.

Erik Rind

Erik is a seasoned entrepreneur and HR technology executive with a very unique vision for how to control personal information online and help creatives get paid for their content in a new kind of marketplace. In this episode, Erik and Jon discuss how blockchain works, how they’ve put creators first, and how COVID will change the workforce forever. Hint: there are lots of robots.

Adam Larson

As a musician-turned-learning-designer, Adam Larson brings his critical eye for entertainment to eLearning and instructional design at the Institute for Management Accountants (IMA). Striving to create engaging learning and events, Larson embraces chaos, learns from his mistakes, and keeps improving.

James Lawrence

The Iron Cowboy is back! James Lawrence joins Jon Tota on the podcast to talk about the transition to remote work, bringing the same passion and energy to virtual conferences, and what determination and hard work look like. 

Since he’s last been on the show, Lawrence has starred in TWO Amazon Prime Originals: Iron Cowboy | The Story of the 50-50-50 and World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji (adventure racing from the creator of Survivor!).

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