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Featured Episode

Learning Life with Jon Tota

Each week Learning Life strives to teach you something new, deliver interesting stories and share best practices to take your learning to the next level.

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Latest Episodes

Dr. Rob Williams

In this live episode, we have Vermont serial entrepreneur, Professor, and friend of the show Dr. Rob Williams. Whether you know him from the Yak it to Me Burger stand, teaching at University of Vermont and Champlain College, or a major voice on Vermont Independent Radio, Dr. Rob will be there to show you something new and interesting.

This week, he sits down with Jon to discuss Peak Flow, a course to teach the Wim Hof Method, a breathing, cold exposure, and focus technique designed to help you live a better life.

Bill Cherry and Craig Wilkinson

What makes Switchback Brewing Co special? From the classic Ale to the Karsten Lager, Citra-Pils and the IPA, and now their first Double IPA and Smoked Beers, it’s not just the hops, it’s the process, and more importantly, the people.

This week Jon sits down with Bill Cherry and Craig Wilkinson, the president and production manager of Switchback, to talk about the Flynn Ave-based brewer’s 100% employee ownership setup, running for five years now, via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

David Bradbury and Sam Roach-Gerber

This week we have special guests David Bradbury and Sam Roach-Gerber, fellow podcast hosts and President/Vice-President of VCET, the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies.

VCET offers programs, capital, and business mentoring for Vermont entrepreneurs. Through VCET, David and Sam co-host the Start Here podcast, showcasing business success stories across the state and the Vermont Startup Collective, a community of entrepreneurs to help start conversations and build better businesses together.

Ben Krueger

Having collaborated on hundreds of podcasts since 2012, he has developed 8 Podcast Principles that when applied, lead to highly effective business podcasts. Built on these principles, they’ve developed a proven system for leaders to host their own world-class podcast in a fraction of the time. In this episode, Ben and Jon discuss how to make a truly great podcast and engage your audience.

Dan White

Dan White knows what it means to go local. He likes to think of Localvore as the “Patagonia of tech,” dedicated to sustainable practice and reinvestment in community. What better way to do that then with food? And where better than Burlington Vermont?

Jackson Latka

Jackson Latka is a Vermont entrepreneur with a family-first photo app: Notabli. Built right in Burlington, Notabli is a scrapbook for parents that keeps photos, videos, audio, notes, quotes and more in a privacy-first library with printing and sharing capabilities.

Michael Ly

Ly is the CEO of Reconciled, the cloud-based virtual bookkeeping and CFO advisory service. He has previously worked as a controller, consultant, and CFO. On top of all that, he’s the co-founder of Humnly on-demand HR.

Listen to Michael Ly’s story on building his businesses, remote work. and scaling up in a small city like Burlington.

Russ Scully

From windsurfing and paddleboarding on Lake Champlain to creating a lifestyle brand and one of the hippest Spots on the lake, to building a one-of-a-kind incubator designed to keep Vermont’s most innovative businesses thriving here in-state, Russ has no shortage of stories to share. Hear who inspires Russ & Roxanne, how they decide which industries to invest in, and the impact they hope to have on the Burlington business community.

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