Episode 100: The Futurist’s View with Trond Undheim

This week Jon sits down with Lousia Schibli, co-founder of the Northern New England Women’s Investor network, and co-founder and CEO of Milk Money Vermont. Milk Money is a platform for Vermonters to discover local investment opportunities, get tips on how to evaluate those opportunities, and then make an investment. 

Louisa has also recently joined RuralWorks Partners as Chief Engagement Officer. RuralWorks Partners is an impact investment firm that supports growth stage and transitioning rural businesses and the communities in which they operate. RuralWorks is currently raising a $100 Million impact fund for these businesses and communities across the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

Listen in for Louisa’s lessons about raising capital in rural Vermont and being a female entrepreneur in the Green mountain state.

Check out:

Vermont Women’s Investor Network www.nnewin.org
Milk Money Investing www.milkmoneyinvesting.com
RuralWorks Partners www.ruralworkspartners.com

Learn more at https://milkmoneyvt.com/

Trond Undheim Learning Life Jon Tota

What can you do with a passion for technology and a background in social science to make an impact on the world? Become a futurist! At least that’s what Trond Undheim did. 
Futurism isn’t about predicting exactly, but about project long term potential outcomes and deciding what kind of future we want to optimize for. Futurism and futuristic thinking have a place in business, politics, government, and medicine. 
Making predictions and optimizing for the future are Trond’s specialties. He’s an internationally renowned strategy, tech, and innovation executive; the former director of MIT’s Startup Exchange; futurist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. In this episode, Trond discusses his five predictions for the future of the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, his books, how to survive on serial failure, and where futurism can be applied.
Futurized podcast https://www.futurized.co/
Trond Undheim website https://trondundheim.com/
Pandemic Aftermath http://pandemic-aftermath.com/

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