Episode 118: Smart, Lazy People with Howard Shore

Howard Shore

Howard Shore is a serial entrepreneur who bought and sold his first company by the age of 21. After selling his first business and attending college, Shore went on to work his way up in a few prominent fortune 500 companies. He tired of the corporate scene and decided to return to his entrepreneurial roots. Shore has mentored executives and entrepreneurs of all sizes personally and professionally. He’s also best selling author of Your Business is a Leaky Bucket and his most recent book, Leadership Launchpad, in which he outlines actionable plans to help you increase your profits and scale your business. (We think it’s the best strategic guidebook available today!) His current business is called Activate Group, where Shore helps to develop c-level leaders both personally and professionally. 

In this episode, Howard Shore talks with host Jon Tota about why leaders are struggling, overcoming the adversity of the new working world, 5 facets of business to master for wild success.

Learn more about Howard Shore here: howardmshore.com

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