Episode 131: Going Local to Make an Impact with Dan White

Dan White Localvore

“For Localvore, we’re a technology company that focuses on really connecting local consumers and regional consumers to businesses that are creating a more sustainable agricultural economy sourcing locally and making an impact.”

Dan White knows what it means to go local. He likes to think of Localvore as the “Patagonia of tech,” dedicated to sustainable practice and reinvestment in community. What better way to do that then with food? And where better than Burlington Vermont?

White chose Burlington to start Localvore because of Vermont’s similarly aligned values and farm-to-table agricultural focus. Localvore and it’s mobile app, the Localvore passport, connect community members to eateries, including the hungry with its Everyone Eats program. The ultimate goal is to create a great, sustainable, local food scene in every city.

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