#150: Social Made Simple with Sophia Rabe

Sophia Rabe

This week Jon sits down with Sophia Rabe, founder and CEO of Olive and Milo Social. Olive and Milo is a digital marketing agency that focuses on social media, offering services such as consulting, strategy, management, and measurement.

Rabe grew up in the Mad River Valley and is a Champlain College alumni, choosing to set up her business right here in Burlington. Rabe chose Vermont over big city life after trying out a year in New York, finding the smaller towns less isolating and a better work and social environment, including a more personal way to build a business.

Olive and Milo is named after Rabe’s pet pig and cat, respectively. While the agency serves clients nationwide, today much of Rabe’s client base is here in Vermont, helping businesses navigate the web of social media platforms and pinpointing where to focus efforts; be it Facebook, the “modern-day phonebook”, or Tik-Tok, the world’s fastest growing hyperactive engagement platform.

Learn more at https://oliveandmilo.com/.

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