#153: Kill the Vibe with Cyrus Schenck

This week Jon sits down with Lousia Schibli, co-founder of the Northern New England Women’s Investor network, and co-founder and CEO of Milk Money Vermont. Milk Money is a platform for Vermonters to discover local investment opportunities, get tips on how to evaluate those opportunities, and then make an investment. 

Louisa has also recently joined RuralWorks Partners as Chief Engagement Officer. RuralWorks Partners is an impact investment firm that supports growth stage and transitioning rural businesses and the communities in which they operate. RuralWorks is currently raising a $100 Million impact fund for these businesses and communities across the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

Listen in for Louisa’s lessons about raising capital in rural Vermont and being a female entrepreneur in the Green mountain state.

Check out:

Vermont Women’s Investor Network www.nnewin.org
Milk Money Investing www.milkmoneyinvesting.com
RuralWorks Partners www.ruralworkspartners.com

Learn more at https://milkmoneyvt.com/

Cyrus Schenck Renoun Skis

This week Jon sits down with Cyrus Schenck, CEO of Renoun and co-founder of Mission V Sports. If you’re a skier or snowboarder in Vermont, you’ve surely seen Renoun skis all over your favorite mountain, but many people don’t really know what makes these skis so special.

A graduate of Champlain Valley Union High School, Cyrus went on to learn about material sciences in college. There, he got the idea to put a non-newtonian substance, a material that changes properties under stress and strains, in the core of a ski. The result was VibeStop, a technology that stops 300% more unwanted vibrations than a regular pair of skis.

After changing the game in ski materials, Cyrus realized that VibeStop technology has applications across the sporting world and even across industries.

Listen to how a Vermont entrepreneur went from washing windows in college to changing the ski industry and building a technology used across surfing, boating, and even flooring.

Learn more at https://renoun.com/ and https://missionvsports.com/

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