#153: Kill the Vibe with Cyrus Schenck

Cyrus Schenck Renoun Skis

This week Jon sits down with Cyrus Schenck, CEO of Renoun and co-founder of Mission V Sports. If you’re a skier or snowboarder in Vermont, you’ve surely seen Renoun skis all over your favorite mountain, but many people don’t really know what makes these skis so special.

A graduate of Champlain Valley Union High School, Cyrus went on to learn about material sciences in college. There, he got the idea to put a non-newtonian substance, a material that changes properties under stress and strains, in the core of a ski. The result was VibeStop, a technology that stops 300% more unwanted vibrations than a regular pair of skis.

After changing the game in ski materials, Cyrus realized that VibeStop technology has applications across the sporting world and even across industries.

Listen to how a Vermont entrepreneur went from washing windows in college to changing the ski industry and building a technology used across surfing, boating, and even flooring.

Learn more at https://renoun.com/ and https://missionvsports.com/

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