#165: A Force for Good with Duane Peterson

This week, Jon sits down with Duane Peterson, co-founder and co-president of SunCommon, a benefit corporation powering Vermont and Hudson Valley homes, schools, and businesses with solar. Duane is also a member of the board for both VBSR and VPIRG, organizations pushing for social responsibility and environmental protection across the green mountain state.

Duane began his career in politics in California, before moving to Vermont where he spent 12 years as “Chief of Stuff” at Ben and Jerry’s, hired directly by Ben Cohen to use the business as a force for social change.

Duane’s commitment to using businesses for positive change has continued since then. SunCommon is a certified B-Corp, with rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, as well as public transparency and legal accountability. SunCommon goes far beyond a profit-driven model, and has helped over 10,000 homes, farms, and businesses go solar!

Visit https://suncommon.com/ to learn more.