#175: High Times in Vermont with Bridget Conry

In this episode, Jon sits down with Bridget Conry, founder of High Fidelity and host of the new High Fidelity podcast show. Bridget is an herbal practitioner and cannabis industry educator, advocate and entrepreneur based in Burlington, VT. High Fidelity intends to explore the intersection of cannabis, wellness, culture and the arts through insightful conversations with industry experts and thought leaders from all disciplines. Learn more at http://hifivt.com

We discuss the history of cannabis in Vermont and the current events around adult use legalization just this fall.  Bridget brings her passion and unique expertise about wellness and its intersection with cannabis and culture to this insightful conversation with one of the leading voices on Vermont cannabis today.

Listen to Bridget’s new show High Fidelity wherever you get podcasts.

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